Holiday in Spain

5 Sep

I recently returned from Spain after a weeks holiday in Moraira, and I’m already missing the sun.  We were actually staying just outside the town of Moraira in a lovely villa which was a short walk to the beach.  The town of  was about a 20 minute walk away, which as fine in the morning but wasn’t great during the afternoon.  However there is a large car park in town and therefore only a short trip away.

The main town area was wonderful, full of gorgeous little shops, cafe’s and restaurants.  The shops range from selling high-end designer wear to little boutiques and some beach/tourist style shops.  Due to the wide variety of shops there really was something for everyone, I bought quite a few things while I was here and have included a small list of shops at the bottom.  There is also plenty of restaurants to choose from, so there is something that will suit everyone.  Most of the restaurants have at least a couple of vegetarian options.  I would say the best meal that we had during our stay was at Restaurante El Raco De L’arros , the vegetable paella was amazing.

View from the front of Moraira, including the castle

Some of the building in Moraira

View looking down onto the harbour

One of the designer shops

And now for some of the outfits that I wore;

Dress –  H&M, necklace – vintage,  bracelet- made by myself

Top – H&M, short – Primark, sunglasses – New Look, necklace – vintage (picture taken in Calpe, 15 min drive from Moraira)

Dress – TK Maxx, necklace – vintage, bag – from a shop in Moraira (in front of a small church in Moraira)

A few of my favourite shops,

Crystal in Spain,

Ale Hop,


Lou Lou


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