The Open University – Bisexuality Report (Briefly Summarised)

3 Jan

So this is different from my usual posts, but a friend had posted the link to this report of Facebook and I found it really interesting (as I study Psychology and Sociology) and though I’d share it with everyone.  There full article can be read here.  The report was written by; Meg Barker, Christina Richards, Rebecca Jones, Helen Bowes-Catton & Tracey Plowman, Jen Yockney and Marcus Morgan and was published by The Open University.

The Bisexuality Report report was conducted in 2012 and starts of by defining what bisexuality is, one of the  that they give is, “People who see their attraction as ‘regardless of gender’ (other aspects are more important in determining who they are attracted to).” (P3).

One of the most important points that the report highlights is that of Bipobia. This is negative attitudes towards bisexual people the most common two being bisexual denial and bisexual invisibility.  The report describes the first as being when the existence of bisexuality is questioned or when bisexual individuals are seen as being confused about their sexuality.  The former is when it is assumed that a persons’ sexuality is based on their current partner.  This is even seen within the media, where people are either defined as being gay or straight and when the term bisexual is used it tends to be in a negative way.  The bisexuality report argues that in films and television bisexual characters are linked with being greedy, wicked and are also linked to tragedy.  I think that due to the media it makes it difficult for bisexual individuals to define themselves as it is often seen as a ‘phase’, non-existent and surrounded in negative connotations.

The report explains who bisexual people have the highest level of mental heath problems such as “depression, anxiety and self harm” (P26).   This is also a global issue, the report provides evidence from previous research in Canada which found that “bisexual males were 6.3 times more likely, and bisexual women 5.9 times more likely, to report having been suicidal than heterosexual people…and were also more likely to cite their
sexuality as the reason for harming themselves.”
(P26).  I think that this highlights that there needs to be more support available to individuals who identify themselves as bisexual.

The report focuses mainly on the negative issues surrounding bisexuality mainly because these are problems that have to addressed.  However the report does end on a positive note, explaining the positive aspects of bisexuality.  An international study found that bisexual individuals felt that they were more able that others to develop their identities which many related to a sense of independence and self awareness.  Many also spoke of how they felt that they were more open to the acceptance and appreciation of other peoples’ differences.

I found this to be really quite interesting and although the report is quite long, I really do recommend that you have a wee look as I have only summarised  the main points of the report 🙂  Hope you liked this post and  maybe learned something new 🙂


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