Emobox USB Review*

20 Mar

I was really happy when the lovely people at Emobox gave me the chance to review one of their USB’s.  The company believe that since your USB has so much information on it unique to you it should reflect your personal style.  Their range includes a bracelet version, two necklaces on featuring an apple and the other a love heart and finally the wallet drive (which is about the same size as a credit card).  I really like how there is a good range of options so there is something to suit everyone.

I chose the Little Bijou, which is the heart shaped necklace, because I have the tendency to forget my USB or when I do remember I can never find it in my bag, so the fact that it’s wearable solves these problems 🙂

Emobox usb


emobox usb


The USB comes on a 30 inch silver chain and half of the heart is encrusted with rhinestones.  I chose the one with blue rhinestones but they also come in pink, red and clear.  The heart is also held together with small magnets. The USB can hold up to 8GB of data which I think is probably enough for most people.  I didn’t think it was possible to love a USB, but I absolutely love this one!  I think Emobox is the place to buy USB’s if you want your USB to be cute and not look like all the other USB’s.

The full range of Emobox USB’s can be seen here and the Little Bijou range retail at £13.00 and can be bought here.


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