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23 Apr

I saw this post on Zombie Wear Eyeliner and Ali invited anyone to take part.  I really recommend that you check out the her blog post.

1. Do you have an Ipod, Zune, MP3 etc. if so which one and what kind?

I have an ipod nano, which I’ve had for years.  I love it and really hope that it never breaks as the new nano’s look nice but I don’t think I’d like the touch screen (I hate it when they become covered in finger prints).

2. Can you play any instruments?

No not really. I have tried to learn thought and can play a few things on the keyboard; all I can remember is Für Elise, Bring Me To Life by Evanescence and All That Jazz.   I also tried to learn guitar but I was more interested in just learning songs rather than all the notes and chords ect but I really wish that I had put more effort into trying to learn.  However I can play the intro to Just Like Heaven by The Cure.

3. Do you have an all time favourite CD/Album?

I have two, Nightmare Anatomy by Aiden and The Black Parade as it was the album that really got me into the music that I love now.



4. What’s your favourite band/singer?
It would have to be Aiden.  I started listening to them years ago and I think that they are amazing live, I’ve only had the chance to see them live twice (would have been three but couldn’t make it last time because of the snow).
5. Favourite song?
This changes all the time.  I would say that She’s Looking At The Stars by Kill Hannah will always be a favourite after all I named my blog after it.  But I’m really loving Miss Missing You and Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy at the moment.
6. Do you have “a song” with anybody, a friend, family etc. where it means something to you?
No, I don’t think I do.
7. Have you ever sang/danced/played an instrument for an audience or group?

I’m so bad at singing and dancing that I never sing or dance in front of anyone lol.  The only time playing an instrument in front of anyone was when I did music at school, but I really hated knowing everyone was watching and listening and would usually mess up.
8. Favourite album cover?
I would chose the cover of Watch Out! From Alexisonfire as I love the look of it and feel like it really stands outs from the others that I have.
9. Have you ever written a song?
No I would love to be able to write songs but I think it’s a skill that I’ll never have.  I think I would definitely need more musical knowledge like different keys ect before I would even think about writing one.
10. If you could sing with any artist, who would it be and why?
If I had the ability to sing amazingly (which I would love) and opportunity to sing with anyone, I would love to be able to sing with Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy as I think he is an amazing singer and extremely talented.
Let me know what you thought of this post and let me know if you do it yourself.  I love finding out what kinds of music that people listen to.  I really loved doing this post and might do something similar soon 🙂

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