The Spending Ban…

3 May

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers doing spending bans and at the moment I feel that it would be a great idea for me.  I’m currently in the process of buying a pony, he’s not coming for about another two weeks as I have to wait until there is a free stable where I want to keep him which should be happening within this time.  I’ll definitely post something about him once he arrives 🙂 Anyway most of my money is going towards this and things for him, so I decided that I would go on a spending ban so any extra money I have goes towards spending money for my holidays.  I feel like I have a tendency to spend money on clothes and make-up that I don’t really need and justify my purchases by thinking, “It’s okay, I can blog about”, well for 100 days this won’t (shouldn’t) be happening.

Most people seem to do it for 100 days; I might do it for longer we’ll see after 100 days, which will be 11th August.

So here are the rules for my spending ban:

  1. I can only buy necessary products like shampoo ect
  2. I can buy something new only if something runs out but it has to be the same price or less, so no changing a Barry M lipstick for a Mac one
  3. No spending money on things like the cinema and going out for dinner
  4. I’m allowed to buy things if I have gift card (I have a couple at the moment)
  5. I can buy presents for other people (none for me)

I really think this spending ban will do me good and may change my shopping habits in the long run.  I have a lot of things that I’ve bought that I haven’t even mention on my blog so these products/clothes will definitely be getting featured soon.

Has anyone else tried a spending ban and how did you get on?


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