Twix Is Here!

13 May

I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages! I’m currently study for exams so I haven’t had time to blog about anything.  Anyway if you follow me on twitter or have seen my spending ban post you’ll know that I was buying a pony.  I said that I would write a wee post once he arrived.

So this is Twix!


Not too much is know about his history and no one is even sure of his proper age (he’s estimated to be in his late teens).  Before I bought him he had been at a riding school, who had bought him from someone they knew who had bought him from someone else.  So from his passport I worked out that I’m his third owner in less than a year, and I’m planning on being his only owner from now on 🙂

He’s settling in well and seems to be enjoying himself.  The riding school we bought him from said that he’d had rain scold and his coat is two different colours at the moment but they should become one colour soon.  Before he came to me he was a bit under weight, but he’s getting two feeds a day a long with hay and grass so he should be at a good weight within a few weeks.

I haven’t ridden Twix since I got him as I want to make sure that he gets used to me and his new environment as where he’s stabled now is very different from being stabled at a ridding school.


There will definitely be more pictures of Twix soon and I’ll do an update post on how he’s getting on a few weeks 🙂

I just want to say a little thank-you to my mum, my aunt and my uncle for helping me out with Twix 🙂


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