SugarStrip Ease Sugar Wax Review*

20 May

The lovely people at Simply Natural were kind enough to send me a tub of their Sugar StripEase wax.  The company is based in Ireland and focus on creating natural cosmetic and hair care products.  Their products are also cruelty free and the company do not use parabens in their products; more information can be found on the Simply Natural about page.

I think that the technique of sugaring could be the next “new” thing. I put new in quotation marks as it isn’t really a new thing, it’s like BB Creams and threading they were popular elsewhere first and are starting to become popular here.  Why do I think that it could be the next you thing, it’s easy and less painful than wax.

Sugar StripEase comes in a box which contains the tub of sugar based wax, 15 reusable fabric strips, three different sized spatulas and an instruction sheet.  As you can see from the box the wax is vegan friendly and is approved by the BAUV (British Association for the Abolition of Vivisection).  I loved the packaging of the product, it look so cute and girly.

sugar stripease

sugar stripease

sugar stripease

sugar stripease

sugar stripease

sugar stripease

You have to heat this product by placing the tub in the microwave for 60 seconds (it varies, I put mine in for 40) until it’s the consistency of runny honey.  It’s recommended that you test the product on the back of your hand to ensure it’s not too hot.

Once you’ve decided that it’s the correct temperature, you use the spatula to spread a thin layer on the area you want to wax (in the direction of hair growth), then rub fabric strip down and pull back.  I found that Sugar StripEase was less painful than the cold wax strips that I usually use, it’s not completely pain free since your pulling the hair out but I’d definitely recommend this to people who find cold wax strips too painful.  I also found that Sugar StipEase didn’t leave my legs looking red or with as many red dots as I get from regular wax.

As the product is made of sugar there is no need for the greasy after wax wipes that you usually get, instead any remaining product can simply be wiped of with water.  For me the wax stayed warm for at least 40 minutes which gives you plenty of time to use it.

I found that the wax removed most of the hairs, I think that the hairs that were left were a little too short but I’ll know this for next time that I use it.  Overall I feel that this product is awesome and I will definitely be purchasing this again.

Sugar StripEase can be purchased from the Simply Natural Online Store for €9.95 (about £8.40).  There are also other products in the Sugar StripEase range including a Talc to use before waxing and a Soothing Mist to use afterwards.

Have you tried Sugar StripEase or sugaring, let me know what you thought 🙂


One Response to “SugarStrip Ease Sugar Wax Review*”

  1. callmejagi May 24, 2013 at 8:25 pm #

    Thanks for the review! Never heard of this but would like to look into trying it!

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