A Little Update

28 May

As you many know I decided to buy a pony which was delivered a few weeks ago.  If you know me in real life or even just read my posts you’ll know how excited and happy I was.  Everything seemed to be going great until recently.  Unfortunately Twix wasn’t settling as well as we’d hoped and he was starting to rear up when trying to get on him to ride meaning that he was becoming a little bit too dangerous.  The lady I bought him from said this was very unlike him and upon seeing him and his behavior said that she would take him back.  I think that he was lucky to have a previous owner who was so understanding.

I don’t know what is wrong with Twix and why he wasn’t settling properly after all he had everything he could ever want.  As not much is known about his history it may have been where he was reminded him of somewhere he’d been before or perhaps being slightly older this was just one home too many.  Twix left this morning and although I was really sad to see him go back I’d much rather he was somewhere were he would settle and be happy.

This experience hasn’t put me off, though it probably could have.  I’ve decided that I will continue with my spending ban it the hope of finding another pony in the near future.


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