Naturigin Hair Colour Review 4.0 Brown*

10 Jun

The lovely people at Simply Natural gave me the opportunity to review one of their Naturigin hair dyes. I chose shade 4.0 Brown which was closet to the hair colour that I had used previously.

The Naturigin hair dyes are avaliable in 19 shades and therefore everyone could find a shade to suit them. These hair dyes are cruelty free and are Vegan friendly. They are also free of ammonia, resorcinol and parabens. Naturigin hair dyes can be used on all hair types and contain 12 natural oils and extracts.

Naturigin hair dye

Naturigin hair dye

Naturigin hair dye

Within the box you get the colour cream, a bottle with activator, an after colour treatment, gloves and instructions.

Naturigin hair dye

You mix the colour cream with the activator and apply to hair. I found this process to be really easy and the hair colour was not overly runny as I have found with some other hair dyes. As the hair colour has no ammonia, there is no unpleasant smell!  The hair dye does have a slight smell but it’s nice and not overpowering.

After leaving it on for 30 minutes it was time to rinse it off. You rinse your hair and then apply the after colour treatment. The after colour treatment, I thought this was going to be a conditioner as this is what is contained within most hair dyes, however it is more like a shampoo and the instructions say that you can use conditioner after if you wish.

I found that this hair dye coloured all of my hair really well. My hair is quite think and just below shoulder length and I used the full bottle so if you have slightly longer hair then you may have to use two boxes of hair dye. I couldn’t believe how soft and shiny my hair was after this, which I am assuming is due to the oils that it contains. My hair has had a lot of compliments with this colour and I have been told by my mum that it looks a lot more natural than the hair dye that I was using previously (People always seem to tell you their true thoughts when you change something).

A before and after picture;

hair beforehair after

The before picture isn’t a very accurate representation, it was no where near as red as it looks in the picture my camera seems to have made it look pretty red.  It was actually brown with a slight red tinge through it.

Anyway I would highly recommend the Naturigin Hair dye and it has definitely become my new hair dye brand.

Naturigin Hair colour can be purchased from the Simply Natural website for €10.95 (about £9.33).

Have you tried Naturigin hair colour, let me know what you thought 🙂

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