A Little Update

26 Jul

I’m part way though my 100 day spending ban which is due to finish on the 11th of August.  So far I feel like I’ve been doing really well, I’ve only spend money on a few things – which I was allowed to do because of the rules I set.  I did break it once when I went to the Lake District where I bought a cute pair of earrings and also bought some things as presents.

Spending ban update


I had a gift card for New Look so I managed to pick up a few things from there.

Spending ban update

I love these wedges I bought in the sale for for going on holiday, I couldn’t believe they were only £7.00!

I also picked up this cute little crop top which I thought would look good paired with shorts for chilling at the beach.

I also couldn’t resits this little studded collar and  a purple/blue mirrored aviator style sunglasses (which aren’t pictured as I left them at my aunt’s when I was dog sitting and keep forgetting to go pick them up).


My lovely boyfriend also bought me the limited edition Animal Crossings ds which I love and can’t stop playing 🙂

Spending ban update


And thanks to winning a Twitter competition by Collection I don’t think I’ll have to buy new make up for a while.

Spending ban update

Spending ban update

Spending ban update


I’m not entirely sure how much money I’ve saved as a lot of it is going to Shug but I do think that I have managed to save quite a bit of money 🙂


Although I haven’t finished my spending ban yet I think it might be something that I would consider doing again especially if I was saving up for something.


Have you tried the 100 day spending ban? Do you think you could manage not to spend for 100 days?


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