#SBBC What I Take When Travelling

3 Sep

I’m going away on holiday soon and these will be some of the items that will definitely be coming with me.  Not all of them are beauty items as I wanted to include some other items I feel are essential for traveling.  This is will all be coming in my carry on bag, so it’s a little like a “What’s in my bag post”.  Anyway here’s what will be coming with me;

Traveling Essentials

Traveling Essentials

Traveling Essentials

Tablet – My Arnova tablet will be coming with me as it has Android therefore access to lots of apps.  I’m also taking this with me as I should hopefully have internet access where I’m going meaning that I can blog and also read some blogs while lounging by the pool.

Magazines – I prefer reading magazines on the plane as I feel that you don’t really have to concentrate on them the same way that you do with a book.

Nintendo 3DS XL – I’m planning on playing this while waiting in the airport and probably also on the flight as well.

Eyeliner – I will take this with me as although it should last all day, I might have to fix it.  I have an early morning flight and there is a good change I’ll forget that I’m wearing it and rub my eyes meaning it will need fixed.

Lipgloss – To keep my lips nice and hydrated during the flight.

Perfume – This is actually a solid perfume and is Lola by Marc Jacobs.  I don’t think that you can take perfume in your hand luggage (I might be wrong) but I think this should definitely be allowed on. If I see a bottle of this perfume at the airport then I think I buy some as it smells amazing 🙂

Ipod – This is a must for me, especially on the plane as it means that I can drown out the noise of other passengers with my music.

Kindle – I love reading books and a kindle is great as you can store hundreds of books in one little place, making it great for chilling at the beach or just beside the pool.

Phone – I’m never without my phone and I can’t imagine going on holiday without.

What are your travel essentials?  What couldn’t you go without on holiday?


2 Responses to “#SBBC What I Take When Travelling”

  1. Nurse Fancy Pants September 3, 2013 at 8:15 am #

    I also couldn’t go anywhere without a book or my kindle and I’d be lost without my phone!

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