Menorca – Part 2

19 Sep

This is part two of my post about my holiday to Menorca, you can catch up on part one here.

On Tuesday we decided to go to Mao as they have a market on.  We went by bus and it took about 25 minutes which I don’t feel is too far to travel.  Some of the stalls had a few nice things but others just had designer copies such as RaySams instead of RayBans.  There is a large food market on as well though we didn’t find it, as I was planning on looking it up on my tablet which sadly broke while I was away.  I did manage to find some cute boots (which I’ll post a picture of soon) in a shop called Si & Si which was on the main street that leads down to the port.  I can’t find a website for them, so I’ll just have to wait until I’m back Menorca to buy more of their shoes.

Ponies in Mahon

Ponies in Mahon

Ponies in Mao

The next town along from where we were staying was Na Macaret which was about  a 20 minute walk.  The town was nice and it seemed to be a little fishing town.  There were a few restaurants but I don’t think there was too much to do here.  I did manage to take some picture of the town and the cliffs that were here.

Na Macaret

Na Macaret

Na Macaret

Pictures of Na Macaret

The night before we left we went to the Son Martorellet horse show which was amazing! I don’t want to say too much about it in case anyone reading this is planning to go see it.  The horses in the show were all pure bred Menorquin stallions apart from a couple of them.  I couldn’t believe how well trained these horses were and how well they seemed to get on with their trainers/riders.  There was also two amazing opera singers who were performing during some of the show.  You weren’t allowed to take pictures during the show however afterward you could go into the arena a to take pictures and give them a wee pat.  If I go back to Menorca I would definitely go back here to see the show.

Son Martorellet

Son Martorellet

Son Martorellet

Son Martorellet

Son Martorellet


So that finished off my posts on my holiday, hope you enjoyed!  What are your favourite things to do on holiday?


One Response to “Menorca – Part 2”

  1. Pankaj Jyoti Barua September 19, 2013 at 4:50 pm #

    Lovely post…When I am on a holiday I love to shoot, shoot and shoot with my camera…I also look forward to tasting the local food…

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