Olay Glow Perfectors BB Cream

7 Oct

This is the first BB cream that I’ve ever bought.  I had tried a few samples but they all seemed to have a really thin consistency and were more make-up than skin care.  This was on offer in Asda when I bought it and it was £5 rather than it’s usual price of £9.99

Olay BB Cream

Olay BB Cream

There are some other products in the Glow Perfectors range  It has a touch of Maxfactor foundation and comes in two colours Light and Medium.  I chose the Light shade as I felt this would probably work best on my skin.  The BB cream has SPF 15 which I think is great for keeping skin protected.

Olay BB Cream

Olay BB Cream

The BB cream has quite a thick texture which I really like and is easily blended into the skin.  It provides a light coverage and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. The BB cream claims to keep skin moisturised for 24 hours which I tested by not using moisturiser on my skin on the days that I used the BB cream.  It definitely keeps skin moisturised on on the days that I use this I won’t bother with my regular moisturiser.

Just to give an idea of the coverage of the BB cream I used the product on the freckles on my hand, as you can see it covers the lighter one slightly but doesn’t do much to the darker one.  As you can see it gives a lovely light dewy coverage which is great for when your skin looks good.  Since it doesn’t conceal too much you may wish to wear concealer with it.

Olay BB Cream

Olay BB Cream


Overall I really like this product and would definitely buy it again.  Have you tried the Olay BB cream, if you have what did you think?  Or do you prefer a different brand?  Let me know 🙂


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