Crystal Clear Skincare – 10 Minute Glow*

3 Nov

This is one of the products that I received at the Fabb events from the lovely people at Crystal Clear Skincare.  I also received the Lift Away The Years; which is one of their most famed products, however I felt that I was a little too young of anti aging so I gave it too my mum whose been using it and can really see the results.

Anyway 10 Minute Glow is a peel off face mask which works in just 10 minutes.  The mask aims to minimise pore, deeply cleanse the skin and hydrate skin to make your skin glow.  The face mask is clear and has a really think consitency which I feel makes it easy to apply.  You apply a thin layer of this mask all over your face, or you can apply it on specific areas you want to target.  After being left on for ten minutes, it begins to look shiny and can be easily peeled off; depending on how you’ve applied it will depend on how much of the mask can be peeled on at the one time.  As its shiny when dry is easy to see any bits you’ve missed when peeling it off.

10 minute glow

10 minute glow

10 Minute Glow

10 Minute Glow

I’ve been using this mask once a week for the past four weeks, and I can tell you I love it.  I’m not normally a fan of peel off masks but this one just comes of so easily.  I find that even thought my pores aren’t too large to begin with it definitely makes them look smaller.  This also has some anti aging ingredients in it which makes skin look brighter and feel firmer.

Overall I really love this product and will definitely be purchasing it again once this one runs out.  I would say that the 10 Minute Glow is one of my favourite skincare products at the moment.

The 10 Minute Glow Face Mask can be purchased from the  Crystal Clear Skincare website for £24.99.

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