Kate Moss Lipstick 02 Review

12 Nov

This is the second Kate Moss lipstick that I’ve bought and I love this one as much as the other that I have. Shade 02 is a gorgeous bright pink colour. The packaging is the same as the others in the Kate Moss, black with Kate written in red.

Kate Moss 02

Kate Moss 02

Kate Moss 02

This lipstick is really pigmented and applies as bright as it looks, which I love! This lipstick like the other  I have lasts really well and lasts for about 5 hours without needing to be topped up. The colour doesn’t bleed but it can smudge if you touch it or are eating, so you might want to be careful if your eating and drinking when wearing it.

Kate Moss 02

In natural light

Kate Moss 02

In bright light

I really love how bright and shiny this lipstick looks and think it’s the perfect lipstick to wear going out or if your even during the day, if like me you love bright lips 🙂

This lipstick can be bought in Superdrug/Boots for £5. However I picked it up from a store called The Factory Shop for only £2!

Have you tried any of the Kate Moss lipstick? Let me know what you think of them and what you favourite shade is 🙂


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