Little Blogging Tips – Starting Up

3 Jun

She's Looking at  the Stars Little Blogging Tips

As you can probably tell from the title I decided to start a little series of blogging tip.  I am by no means saying that I’m an expert or anything, I’ve only been blogging for also two years now (time seems to fly by!) I just though that I’d put together some of what I’ve experienced into a few little posts to help others 🙂


  • Be yourself – I think that this is by far the most important; your blog should be for you.  Although it’s hard try not to compare yourself to other bloggers, especially ones who are well established.  Chances are your blog isn’t going to become the best blog within a day and your views and followers will grow slowly.  And I honestly think that the best way to get people to read your blog is to just be yourself and try to put your personality in to it.


  • Write what you want –  I’ve see a few blog tip posts saying write about one thing but to be honest  really think that you should write what you want; it’s your space on the internet and it’s up to you what you want to say!  Of course it’s nice if blogs have a common theme like beauty but that doesn’t have to be the one and only thing you talk about if you feel that you have something else to say 🙂


  • Don’t do it for free things! –  Something that I really dislike is when you see bloggers constantly asking for free things or asking other bloggers how they got a product for free.  If a company wants to work with you, most of the time they will contact you.  Sometimes companies will ask for bloggers to contact them on Twitter if they’re looking for products to be reviewed/publicized.  To me you should blog because you love it and you want to share your thoughts.  I started because I was reading blogs and thought I’d like to share my thoughts on beauty and fashion especially when my opinions were different from what I was reading; and so I started She’s Looking at the Stars.  I have been lucky enough to have receive a few products to review and I’m really gratefully for the opportunity – I always get really excited when this happens.  So if you only want free things then I wouldn’t recommend starting a blog because you probably won’t get anything straight way and if your only after free things then chances are you won’t want to put any effort in.

Anyway that’s the first in my series of Little Blogging Tips and the next post will focus on views and followers.  I really hope that you enjoyed the post and I’d love to know what you thought 🙂

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