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Spring Haul Including Forever 21 and Primark

26 Apr

I don’t often do haul posts as being a student I don’t always have huge amounts of money to spare but I did go on a little bit of a shopping trip recently and thought I’d share my purchases! If you follow me on instagram then you’ll already have a little peek at what I’ve bought.

Forever 21


I really like this floral print dress and can’t wait to wear it.


It seems like everyone has been wearing crop top recently so I picked up this kind of aztec print one and a plain bright aqua one.


Next up this dark blue knee length skirt which goes lovely with both of the crop tops.


Lastly from Forever 21 this coral/pinky/red coloured skater skirt.




As soon as I saw this I knew I needed it and at £5 this floral print playsuit was a bargain 🙂



I couldn’t resist this cute little bow print blouse that was reduced to only £3.



I loved those jelly snadal you got as a kid, and it seem they’ve made a comeback as I’ve seen them on so many blogs.  They didn’t have any I liked in my size so I settled for this more grown up looking pair.


I hate places that put things along where you queue as it just encourages me to buy more, and at only£1 I ended up picking this speckled nail polish.



I haven’t bought anything from Lush for a while so decided to treat my hair to this Ultimate Shine Shampoo bar (review coming soon!).  And I really couldn’t leave without Sweetie Pie shower jelly.

Marks and Spencer


There was 20% of beauty in Marks and Spencer and I decided to have a wee look.  Since all my other perfumes decided to run out at the same time I picked this up to give it a go (I’ll be putting a wee review of it up soon!).

Cherry Diva



I actually bought these a week or two a go but I thought I’d include them as I haven’t featured them on the blog yet.  I really recommend that you check out Cherry Diva as they have so many pretty things and super quick postage!


I hope you like everything that I bought; there will probably be lots more outfit posts coming soon 🙂  There is still a little bit of time to enter my international beauty blogger swap; see here for more details.

A Few Recent Purchases

25 Sep

I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages (5 days!).  Anyway I’ve been quite busy I’m currently dog and house sitting and have just started back uni.  I have a feeling that this year at uni is going to be pretty hectic and already have reports to write 😦  But I will keep blogging regularly.  I’ve decided to do a post on some of my recent purchases,

Olay BB Cream

Decided to give a BB cream a go and choose this one, so I’ll be putting a review up soon to let you know what I think of it 🙂

Paperchase organiser

Paperchase organiser

Paperchase organiser

I decided to treat myself to a little organizer form Paperchase as I have decided to be an organised student (and blogger) and thought this would help.  It doesn’t start until 2014 though, guess it give me an excuse to be a little unorganised until then?

note books

Some notebooks and pen refills for uni.

I also bought a lipstick which I haven’t featured here but I’ll post about that at another point.  Anyway that’s a few of my most recent purchases, have you bought anything nice lately?

#SBBC Recent Purchases

1 Sep

#SBBC is the September Beauty Blog Challenge which was arrange by Girl Friday and the challenge is to blog everyday in September.  I decided to take part as I was interested to see if I would be able to keep up with the challenge and post everyday.  I think it’ll be interesting to see if I can achieve this and hopefully it’ll get me into the habit of scheduling post more often rather than just publishing them when I’ve written them.  To find out more about the #SBBC then check out  Girl Friday’s blog post here.

So this post is for recent purchases, since I’m going on holiday in less than a weeks time I’ve been trying to keep spending limited so that I can buy more things when I’m away on holiday.  Anyway here are a few of my most recent purchases;

Recent Purchases Post

Fox Jumper From New Look

I have to admit that the following were not actually purchased by me (my mum bought them) but I decided to include them too;

Recent Purchases Post

The are from a shop in town and look so pretty, especially when the sun shines on all the little beads 🙂

Recent Purchases Post

Recent Purchases Post

Top from Primark with cheetahs and studs

And finally another two Primark purchases in the form of this pretty little skirt and little bear gloves/mittens;

Recent Purchases Post


So what do you think of my most recent purchase? And let me know if your taking part in the #SBBC so I can read your post too! 🙂


Forever 21 Purchases

24 Mar

So Friday was the opening day of the Forever 21 in Glasgow.  I went in on my way home from uni, and even though the store had already been open a few hours it was still amazingly tidy.  I really hate going in to shops where everything is in the wrong place or just look messy.  The store was really busy when I was there but it’s really spacious so I didn’t realize how busy it was until I got to the tills and I had to wait for about 30 mins before being served.  But they were really friendly and going as fast as they could; there were a few problems with card payments taking ages to go through.  Anyway below is the things that I picked up,

Forever 21 skirt

This Black peplum skirt was only £8.75 which I think is a great price.  I think I have something that I’ll wear it with so hopefully I’ll manage to get an outfit post up soon using it.

forever 21 earrings and hairbows

forever 21 earrings close up

I also bought these cute little ear-rings and hair bows.  The ear-rings were only £2.40 which I was really surprised about as the anchors are quite detailed.  The hair bows were only £1.65 and I think they will look great during the summer.

I saw so many things that I wanted so no doubt I’ll be back in soon 😉  Let me know what you think of my purchases or Forever 21 🙂


Mini Haul Post

10 Jan

So these are a few of the things that I bought when I went shopping the other day and thought I’d share with everyone 🙂


I actually bought this not long after Christmas but I wanted to include it in this post as it was one of the items I wore going shopping.  I bought it out H&M on sale for £15, which I feel is an amazing price and I’m really tempted to go back and buy another one n a different colour.


New sports top and trousers as I’ve decided that I will start going to the gym, not sure how long this will actually last but we’ll see.  The top and trousers were about £6/£7 each from a sports shop that was having a massive sale.


I haven’t tried any lipsticks from Topshop and I decided that I would try the Louise Grey one in Mexican Wave.  We also have the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush, which was on offer for £5 and the MUA brow pallet, which I eventually managed to find it always seemed to be out of stock, which was £3.50.  I will be reviewing all of these soon 🙂


I decided to include this as it smells amazing, I got this in B&M for about £1 ( I can’t remember the exact price) but I love it and will definitely buying some more.