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Little Bloggin Tips – Comments and Clickable Links

19 Jun

She's Looking at  the Stars Little Blogging Tips

I find that comments are the hardest area for bloggers and I think that it takes time for people to comment on you blog.  You really have to be patient and there is no quick way of magically making people want to comment.  I do however have a few tips that you can try;

  • Interact with your followers – I think that this is really important, if someone has taken the time to comment you should try your best to reply to them.  I know that this obviously isn’t possible so try not to judge someone if they don’t reply straight away/at all especially if there is chance they might be really busy.  For instance if I have exams coming up then I might not be able to reply straight away but I do always try and reply to comments.
  • Ask questions – Remember that there are people at the other side of the screen reading you blog!  I always like to ask a question at the end of a post to find out what you think and what your opinions are.  I think this is one of the easiest ways to engage with your readers and something that you should definitely try.
  • Comment on other blogs – This is also a good way of trying to engage with others in the blogging community and some will also return the favour by commenting on yours.  Not everyone will do this so it shouldn’t be expected but if someone comments on my blog and I have time then I will have a look at their blog and try and comment back.
  • Leaving clickable links in  comments – I’ve started trying to learn HTML and thought I’d let you know how to leave a clickable link in your comment.

<a href=”put you blog link here”>put your blog name or your name here</a>

For example mine would be <a href=””>She’s Looking at the Stars</a>

If you’ve been reading my Little Blogging Tips Series I would love to know what you think of them and if you’ve found them helpful.  You can catch up with the rest of the series here.

Little Blogging Tips – Views and Followers

11 Jun

She's Looking at  the Stars Little Blogging Tips

Views and followers tend to grow gradually over time, although some blog may gain popularity quite quickly this tend to be only a select few so don’t worry if you feel your blog isn’t getting as many as others. Here are some of the things that you can do to get your blog noticed a little more…


  • Social Media – Make use of as many as you can! Most can be linked together so you can easily publish a status on multiple platforms in one go. Twitter and Instagram are definitely my favourite at the moment and are great ways to find new blogs and interesting posts. There are also ways of scheduling Tweets so that you can tell your followers about your new blog post without having to do it a few times a day. It’s called social for a reason so get chatting to other bloggers which leads nicely onto the next point.
  • Twitter chats – Make as much use of these as you can! I’m pretty sure that there is one for everything that you can think of but the most popular I know are; #bbloggers (beauty bloggers), #fbloggers (fashion bloggers) #lbloggers (lifestyle bloggers). You can obviously use the hashtag whenever but at certain times there will be a chat with an actual topic allowing you to share your opinions and chat with other likeminded bloggers. At the end of the chats everyone usually exchanges links allowing everyone to find new blogs.
  • Bloglovin – This is the most used platform for following blogs at the moment so make sure your blog has an account here so that people can follow your blog and like your posts (and obviously so you can follow your favourite bloggers too).
  • Advertising –Some bloggers that have a good following and number of page views per month offer advertising, usually via a button/banner displayed on their page that links to your blog. This is something that I’ve done a couple of times, and it did result in people coming to my blog via the link but I’m not sure if any followers I gained during these times were because they followed via the advertisement or if they found my blog another way. It’s definitely something to try and see for yourself if it benefits your blog. Most bloggers that offer advertising have reasonable prices and different packages (e.g different size of button displayed, #ff on Twitter, a mention on an advertiser post ect) and usually run for one month.
  • Don’t be one of those people – These are something’s that you shouldn’t do, follow other bloggers and expect them to follow back (and then unfollow when they don’t) or even worse leave a comment saying follow me and I’ll follow you back – most blogger hate this and will most likely just result in your comment being deleted. On Twitter chats at the end don’t just spam your link to everyone and not look at anyone else’s blog. Another thing that I’m not a fan of/I don’t think other people are either is blogs that are constantly doing giveaways (sometimes for no reason) in order to ‘buy’ followers – I’m not saying don’t ever have a giveaway, just limit them a little.

Just have fun with your blog if people can tell that you passionate about it and they enjoy your style of writing then they will come back and read your posts. Next week in my Little Blogging Tips series I’ll be talking about comments 🙂

Little Blogging Tips – Starting Up

3 Jun

She's Looking at  the Stars Little Blogging Tips

As you can probably tell from the title I decided to start a little series of blogging tip.  I am by no means saying that I’m an expert or anything, I’ve only been blogging for also two years now (time seems to fly by!) I just though that I’d put together some of what I’ve experienced into a few little posts to help others 🙂


  • Be yourself – I think that this is by far the most important; your blog should be for you.  Although it’s hard try not to compare yourself to other bloggers, especially ones who are well established.  Chances are your blog isn’t going to become the best blog within a day and your views and followers will grow slowly.  And I honestly think that the best way to get people to read your blog is to just be yourself and try to put your personality in to it.


  • Write what you want –  I’ve see a few blog tip posts saying write about one thing but to be honest  really think that you should write what you want; it’s your space on the internet and it’s up to you what you want to say!  Of course it’s nice if blogs have a common theme like beauty but that doesn’t have to be the one and only thing you talk about if you feel that you have something else to say 🙂


  • Don’t do it for free things! –  Something that I really dislike is when you see bloggers constantly asking for free things or asking other bloggers how they got a product for free.  If a company wants to work with you, most of the time they will contact you.  Sometimes companies will ask for bloggers to contact them on Twitter if they’re looking for products to be reviewed/publicized.  To me you should blog because you love it and you want to share your thoughts.  I started because I was reading blogs and thought I’d like to share my thoughts on beauty and fashion especially when my opinions were different from what I was reading; and so I started She’s Looking at the Stars.  I have been lucky enough to have receive a few products to review and I’m really gratefully for the opportunity – I always get really excited when this happens.  So if you only want free things then I wouldn’t recommend starting a blog because you probably won’t get anything straight way and if your only after free things then chances are you won’t want to put any effort in.

Anyway that’s the first in my series of Little Blogging Tips and the next post will focus on views and followers.  I really hope that you enjoyed the post and I’d love to know what you thought 🙂