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Marks And Spencer Limited Collection Butterfly Perfume

15 May

This post is a little different to my usual as it’s the first perfume review that I’ve done.  In the past I refrained from doing them simply because I find that things can smell a little different to different people.  But I decided that I needed to share this one with everyone 🙂

I don’t usually look in Marks and Spencer for perfume products just because I have a tendency to stick to the ones that I know I like, but I had heard that this was really nice so decided to give it a go.


*Above image from Marks and Spencer website

Butterfly is part of the Limited Collection at Marks and Spencer; and this EDT came in three sizes, 10ml (£3.50), 25ml (£6.00) and 90ml (£12.00).  The 90ml bottle has a beautiful butterfly top which may remind you slightly of another high-end perfume?  I chose the 25ml bottle as I wanted to make sure I liked it and its a great size for putting in your bag.



The fragrance has a scent of apples, cucumber, grapefruit, magnolia, rose and violets as well as having a base aromas of musk and amber.  I’m sure I’m not alone in not being able to smell every ingredient in perfumes; so to me it smells fruity and florally.  I definitely think that you can smell the apple in this and maybe the violets.  I find that the scent last around 5 hours before it may need to be sprayed again so you can smell it.  I think this is quite a good length of time and the size of the bottle is great for taking with you.  It is also BUAV approved meaning that it’s not tested on animals.



This perfume has a nice light fragrance which I think would be great for the up coming summer days.  I have seen a number of people compare it to different perfumes and  to me it smell a bit like Daisy by Marc Jacobs.  I don’t think that it smells exactly like it but I do thing they are similar.  I think it might smell closer to Daisy Eau So Fresh – I can’t say for certain as I don’t own it myself but I have smelled it a few times.

I will definitely be back in Marks and Spencer soon to buy the bigger bottle and just keeping the smaller one in my bag.  I think this is perfect if you want a lovely smelling EDT without having a huge price tag.

Have you tried any Marks and Spencer perfumes/EDT?  What did you think?

*The picture from the 90ml bottle was from the Marks and Spencer website and can be found here.

Spring Haul Including Forever 21 and Primark

26 Apr

I don’t often do haul posts as being a student I don’t always have huge amounts of money to spare but I did go on a little bit of a shopping trip recently and thought I’d share my purchases! If you follow me on instagram then you’ll already have a little peek at what I’ve bought.

Forever 21


I really like this floral print dress and can’t wait to wear it.


It seems like everyone has been wearing crop top recently so I picked up this kind of aztec print one and a plain bright aqua one.


Next up this dark blue knee length skirt which goes lovely with both of the crop tops.


Lastly from Forever 21 this coral/pinky/red coloured skater skirt.




As soon as I saw this I knew I needed it and at £5 this floral print playsuit was a bargain 🙂



I couldn’t resist this cute little bow print blouse that was reduced to only £3.



I loved those jelly snadal you got as a kid, and it seem they’ve made a comeback as I’ve seen them on so many blogs.  They didn’t have any I liked in my size so I settled for this more grown up looking pair.


I hate places that put things along where you queue as it just encourages me to buy more, and at only£1 I ended up picking this speckled nail polish.



I haven’t bought anything from Lush for a while so decided to treat my hair to this Ultimate Shine Shampoo bar (review coming soon!).  And I really couldn’t leave without Sweetie Pie shower jelly.

Marks and Spencer


There was 20% of beauty in Marks and Spencer and I decided to have a wee look.  Since all my other perfumes decided to run out at the same time I picked this up to give it a go (I’ll be putting a wee review of it up soon!).

Cherry Diva



I actually bought these a week or two a go but I thought I’d include them as I haven’t featured them on the blog yet.  I really recommend that you check out Cherry Diva as they have so many pretty things and super quick postage!


I hope you like everything that I bought; there will probably be lots more outfit posts coming soon 🙂  There is still a little bit of time to enter my international beauty blogger swap; see here for more details.

Marks and Spencer Summer Dress Competition

21 Aug

I was recently contacted by Marks and Spencer about they’re blogger competition, in which bloggers chose a dress from Marks and Spencer (under £70) and give suggestions as to how they would style it.  As it a based around summer holidays they ask where your dream holiday destination would be, and mine would definitely be Seattle.  I haven’t been before but I think that the city looks amazing and it’s on the top of my “Places I Want To See” list.


I think that Seattle looks like such a wonderful place to visit.  Seattle has lots of parks to visit during the day and has a great night live.  I don’t think any trip to Seattle would be complete without a visit to the Space Needle; where you can also have a meal looking out over Seattle.

When traveling I like to pack quite light (so I can bring lots back) and like to take items that I can dress up and also dress down, that’s why I’ve created a day and night look using the same dress. (I have used some items twice, as you don’t want to go over your baggage limit).



Petite Heart Print Dress – I chose this dress from the petite range as I am just under 5’3″ and therefore will be more well proportioned to my height.  This has a cute heart print and bow detailing at the neck. The price for this cute little dress is £39.50

Petite Double Breasted Military Captain Coat – This is another choice from the petite range, which seems nice and light but will protect against any rain showers.  The price for this lovely jacket is £85.

Red Leather Bowler Bag – A nice sized day bag perfect for fitting in all you essentials  especially your camera so that you can get some amazing pictures of the city.  The price for this gorgeous bag is £69.

Horse Shoe Waist Belt – I think that this waist belt would look great with the dress and would help create an hourglass figure by emphasizing the waist.  The price for this little belt is £15.

Leather Pumps –  I chose these shoes as I feel that you need flat shoes if your going to be doing a lot of walking round the city and I think that these look like they are really well made.  The price of these cute shoes is £25.



Dress – See above

Belt – See above

Jacket – See above

Asymmetric Clutch Bag – I feel that this little bag helps create a more evening look but is still big enough to fit your phone, purse and maybe a small digital camera.  This little bag is only £15.

Pointed Court Shoes – I feel like a heel is essential to create an evening look and these pretty little shoes will look great teamed with the red bag and the rest of the outfit.  The price for these little shoes is £29.50

Autograph Moisture Colour Lipstick – No look is complete without a little make up and I think that is Autograph lipstick in Red will look amazing. Not only does is moisturise it also has SPF 30, is anti-feathering and is paraben free. This lipstick is only £8.50.

So that is my look for a day of city sight seeing and a lovely evening meal using the same dress.  Let me know what you think of my outfits and where you would love to visit 🙂

Photo credits :

Seattle image – http://www.visitseattle.org/Images/Heros/Tourism_Development/Cruise/Cruise_090920_248.jpg?width=940&height=529

Clothing : Marks and Spencer (pages are linked)