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Melvita Fresh Micellar Water*

15 Dec

Micellar water seem to be everywhere at the moment and I’m probably a little late to the bandwagon but oh well.  A micellar water has tiny oil molecules suspended in the water meaning that they are gentle on skin but are able to quickly absorb any dirt and make-up.

Melvita Micellar Water

Melvita Micellar Water

This was one of the items that I got when I went to the Fabb event in Glasgow and I’ve been using it a lot since, hence why the bottle isn’t completely full in the picture.  I forgot to take pictures of it when it was full and it definitely has a lot less in it now!  The Melvita Micellar water aims to remove makeup, cleanse skin as well as tone; I find that it does all three.  I have to admit that I love products that do more than just one thing.  It has a slight rose scent as it uses petals from wild roses that are grown at high altitudes.  The fragrance isn’t overly strong and I find that the scent doesn’t last on skin however if your not a fan of fragranced products the this might not be for you.  The Melvita Micellar water is also organic and not tested on animals.

I find that the best way to use this is to pour a little onto a cotton wool pad and then wipe over skin.  I find that to remove mascara it’s best to hold the cotton wool pad over the eye for a few seconds before wiping the mascara off.    I find that this micellar water helps to remove even waterproof mascara without being harsh on skin and full of chemicals.

Overall I really like this micellar water and would consider purchasing it again although I think I’ll probably try some other to see what I think of them too.  This cost £15.50 for 200ml bottle, the one featured here is a sample size and is 35lm.