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#SBBC 10 Products Under £10

20 Sep

I love shopping and if I had the money I would probably shop everyday.  But I don’t think that you always have to spend a lot of money to get a great product and I feel that there are loads of drugstore cosmetics that could rival their high-end counter parts.  So here are my top ten products for £10 and under;

10 products under £10

MUA Eye Primer – This eye primer works really well considering the price.  If I’m honest I probably won’t look for another eye primer as this one does a great job. Price – £2.50

NYC Mascara – You can see my full review here and the difference it made to my lashes.  The only thing about this product is that it isn’t waterproof but it last all day and really makes a difference to lashes. Price – £2.49

Revlon Kissable Balm Stain – I love this and I’m planning on buying more colours of these.  They keep lips moisturized while providing colour and you don’t have to keep reapplying as after a while they turn into a lip stain, perfect for when you don’t have time to reapply constantly. Price – £7.99

Barry M Nail Paints – I love these! Most of them are £2.99 but you’ll pay a little more of ones that have an effect to them.  The last for around 5 days before you’ll start to notice a little chipping.  There are over 50 colours in the range so you’ll definitely find a colour that you like! Price – from £2.99

Collection Glam Crystals – I’ve used Collection Glam Crystals for years and they are the best glitter eyeliners that I’ve tried.  The last all day and come in a wide range of colours.  Price – £2.99

10 products under £10

Bourjois Delice de Poudre –  This bronzer is mainly matte – it has got a little bit of shimmer in the packaging but you don’t notice this when it applied making it great for contouring.  Not only is it shaped like a chocolate bar it also smells like chocolate.  Price – £6.99

Sleek Rose Gold Blush – Another favourite within the blogging community is this blusher and if you have it you’ll know why.  It’s highly pigmented and lasts all day.  Not only is this blush under £10, it’s a close dupe of Nars Orgasm. Price – £4.99

Loreal Elnett – This is the best hair spray that I’ve ever used and although a little more expensive that some it’s definitely worth it and I don’t think I’d ever use a different hairspray.  I really does brush out of hair and doesn’t leave it feeling sticky like some brands do.  Price – £3.89

Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick (Mango Tango) – I’ve not reviewed this yet but it’s such a great little lipstick and I used it quite a few times on holiday.  It last about 4-5 hours and is great for adding a pop of colour to your make-up look.  Price – £2.99

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation – Always a favourite foundation of mine and I know a lot of other blogger have a love for this foundation as well.  It provides good coverage and feels light on the skin.  Price – £8.99

So that’s my top ten products under £10 🙂 Do you use any of the ones on my list or do you have another product you think should be on it?

#SBBC My Make-up Storage

19 Sep

I’ll admit that my storage isn’t the fanciest of storage but I really like it and feel that everything is easy to find as it’s separated into different boxes.  I know a lot of bloggers really like the acrylic make up storage but I don’t really see the appeal of them myself.


The first box stores face products; foundation, blush ect;



The second stores lip products;



And finally the eye products box



As you can probably tell from the photos, eye products are definitely my favourite! Anyway that’s how I store my make-up, how do you like to store yours?




#SBBC DIY Beauty – Salt Spray

13 Sep

I posted this a while back but it’s the only DIY beauty that I know so in case you missed out previously; here’s how to make your own salt spray.  This is for you if you like the beach waves look but like me don’t live near the sea.

So I found the basis of this recipe on the US Glamour magazine website, however I’ve changed parts of it.

Anyway after seeing so many mixed reviews of salt sprays people had bought from shops I decided I’d try and make my own.  After all I didn’t really want to spend a lot of money on something which might not work well when I could try it for free first.


  • 400mls of hot water
  • Sea salt (I use 2 table spoons)
  • Hair oil (I use Hask Argan oil)
  • Conditioner (just a little spot, the thinner it is the easier it will dissolve)
  1. Boil kettle and place 400mls into a jug along with the sea salt.  I find that the salt dissolves easiest in boiling water.  I have thick hair so I use 2 table spoons, you may wish to add less if your hair is thinner.
  2. I leave it to cool so it’s lukewarm then add in a spot of hair oil and just a little bit of conditioner.  If the conditioner is quite thick then it may not dissolve fully, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much.
  3. Once cool enough transfer into a spray bottle. And that’s it!

I really couldn’t believe how easy this was to make and how well it works.  I find that it works best on damp hair, so just spray after washing hair then scrunch it up.  You can then lightly blow dry or let it dry naturally.

So here is the finished result using the sea salt spray, (for some reason my hair doesn’t seem as wavy in this pic as it usually does – I don’t think I scrunched it enough)

DIY Salt Spray

Have you tried making your own sea slat spray? And do you have any DIY beauty post?

#SBBC How I Got My Blog Name

11 Sep

I really like music ans one of my favourite songs is called “She’s Looking at the Stars” by Kill Hannah, you can listen to it below if you like.  Anyway the line is “We’re all in the gutter, but she’s looking at the stars” which is a slightly adapted line from “Lady Windermere’s Fan” by Oscar Wilde the original being “We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”.  Anyway I love both the song and the Oscar Wilde play and I decided that’s what I wanted to call my blog.

The line to me means (and I might be wrong but I think everyone has their own views on thing like this) that everyone encounters hard times and that everyone will struggle with something at some point in their lives. But there are people who will just accept this and not try to change it whereas there are others who are looking at the stars, and have their own goals which no matter how far they seem that they are determined to reach.

I guess it’s an inspirational/motivational quote and it really appeals to me as I find it to true.

How did you come up with the name for your blog? And do you have any favourite quotes?

#SBBC Travel Dreams

6 Sep

There is so many places that I would love to visit and hope to do so at some point.  I’ve decided to give you the top 5 places I would love to see.


I fell in love with Seattle after seeing pictures of the Seattle skyline online, I especially loved this one of the lightning over the city.  If I was planning a trip to Seattle I would try and coincide it with when Warped Tour was on as this is something I would love to go to. I would also like to go to the Space Needle as it’s one of the main tourist attractions in Seattle, though I’m not sure if I would be brave enough to go up it.  I would also just like to wander round the city and chill in one of the many parks with a nice little coffee from Starbucks.

Seattle lightning


Chicago is another place that I would just love to visit.  My interest in Chicago was sparked as a band that I love come from there and each year just before Christmas they hold a few gigs and this was something that I really wanted to do.  Though now I know how cold it gets in Chicago I’m not sure I would cope too well going in the winter.  Again the skyline and the architecture looks amazing.


New York

I don’t think that there’s anyone who could say that they wouldn’t like to go to New York.  I love shopping and New York is full of amazing shops, I think I would be in heaven if I went to New York with loads of money.  I would just love to experience the business of it all and again probably visit some of the touristy places like Central park.



I really like Japanese culture and love all the different fashion styles that they have.  I have a Japanese fashion magazine which I bought of ebay ages ago and I just love seeing all the different styles.  Most of them really stand out in their own way.  I tried in the past to learn the Japanese language but I gave up as I was finding it difficult to teach myself and some websites had slightly different words/phrases so it was impossible to tell which was correct.  I also enjoy watching some anime like Deathnote, Durarara and Tora Dora.  Anyway Tokyo seems like an amazing place to visit.



I haven’t chosen a particular place in Spain as I would love to see it all.  I’ve been to Spain for a couple of holidays and both times we’ve went to towns which where close by.  I loved all the places that we visited and everyone was always so lovely.  The food in Spain is amazing, I think that I could survive on tapas and paella forever if I’m honest.  There are some really nice little shops to be found and one of my favourite bags was bought last year in a little town called Moraira.  Below is one of the pictures I took in Moraira.


Where would you like to travel to and what would you like to see most when you were there?  Or have you been somewhere that you can’t wait to go back to?

Image credits

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#SBBC Positives About Blogging

4 Sep

Looking back I’m not sure why I didn’t start blogging earlier and I can’t imagine not blogging.  I started my blog last year after reading so many other blogs and it made me think ‘I want to try that’ and I want people to enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy reading others.

A positive for me is knowing that people are reading my posts and that some like my blog so much that they decided to follow.  Some even take that extra little bit of time to leave comment.  It makes me so happy when I know that people are enjoying my posts.

This map is from my stats page, showing that people from all over the world have viewed my blog and I can’t even explain how it make me feel.  But any time I’m feeling a little down, I look at it and it instantly makes me happy 🙂


I also feel that blogging is like a community especially though Twitter chats like, #bbloggers, #fbloggers and #fblchat.  It means that if you ever need help or advice there are so many people out there to help you and I feel like this is a huge positive of blogging.

I also feel like through blogging that I might be becoming more confident, as I remember at the beginning being really unsure whether anyone would read and always be nervous of pressing the publish button in case my post wasn’t good enough.  I’ve since learned though that you should blog to the best of your ability and it shouldn’t really matter whether someone doesn’t like a particular post as there will always be others who will.

Those are my positives about blogging, what are yours? What do you feel that blogging has helped you achieve?

#SBBC Favourite Eyeshadow Palette

2 Sep

So this is the second post in the September Beauty Blog Challenge.  This is my favourite eyeshadow palette at the moment, which is quite surprising as I usually like to wear brighter eyeshadows/eyeliners.

The Sleek Au Naturel palette is an amazing neutral palette which has 12 eyeshadows 8 of them are matte and the other 4 are shimmer shades. Most of them are well pigmanted (there are a few that are quite pale) but all show up really well over a primer and last all day.  You can read my full review of the Sleek Au Naturel palette here.

Sleek Au Naturel Palette

Sleek Au Naturel Palette

I find that this palette is great for creating looks for both day and night.  Since there are twelve colours in the palette I feel like this means that there are numerous combinations you can try as all the colours go very well together. Below is one of my usual quick daytime looks that using this palette;

Sleek Au Naturel Palette

I only did a close up of this look as I like my eyeliner quite thick and you couldn’t really see much of the eyeshadow from a distance.  For this I used the peach colour Toast and the brown shade third from the left at the bottom of the palette Bark. I blended these together over primer and added a little of the white shade Nougat to the inner corner.  I finished of my look by adding some liquid eyeliner along the top of the lash line and some mascara on the lashes.

What’s your favourite palette? And have you tried any of the Sleek Makeup palettes?

#SBBC Recent Purchases

1 Sep

#SBBC is the September Beauty Blog Challenge which was arrange by Girl Friday and the challenge is to blog everyday in September.  I decided to take part as I was interested to see if I would be able to keep up with the challenge and post everyday.  I think it’ll be interesting to see if I can achieve this and hopefully it’ll get me into the habit of scheduling post more often rather than just publishing them when I’ve written them.  To find out more about the #SBBC then check out  Girl Friday’s blog post here.

So this post is for recent purchases, since I’m going on holiday in less than a weeks time I’ve been trying to keep spending limited so that I can buy more things when I’m away on holiday.  Anyway here are a few of my most recent purchases;

Recent Purchases Post

Fox Jumper From New Look

I have to admit that the following were not actually purchased by me (my mum bought them) but I decided to include them too;

Recent Purchases Post

The are from a shop in town and look so pretty, especially when the sun shines on all the little beads 🙂

Recent Purchases Post

Recent Purchases Post

Top from Primark with cheetahs and studs

And finally another two Primark purchases in the form of this pretty little skirt and little bear gloves/mittens;

Recent Purchases Post


So what do you think of my most recent purchase? And let me know if your taking part in the #SBBC so I can read your post too! 🙂