Vendula London Bags

25 Jun

If you know me then you’ll know that I love bags and shoes; and this is a bag with shoes on it…So it’s fair to say that I love it!  I got this as a birthday present from my mum for my 21st back in March and decided that it really needed it’s own post on my blog.

Vendula Bag

Vendula Bag

Vendula London create the most wonderful, unusual bags and I really thing that everyone will find something that they’d like.  The brand was launched in 2003 and have been growing in popularity throughout the world.  All of their products are made from animal friendly faux leather too.  Other products from the brand include make-up bags, purses and ipad cases.  I love this bag so much and I always get compliments on it whenever I take I take it out and have even been told it’s like my personality but in bag form.

Vendula Bag

As you can see it has a gorgeous shoe shop design, which I love.  There are other shop design bags, but being a shoe lover this is definitely my favourite and I think my mum made a good choice!  On the back of the bag it shows a women walking her dog with lots of shopping bags (this is definitely like me!).

Vendula Bag

Vendula Bag

The inside of the bag has a cute London print lining and has multiple pockets.  I really like the multiple pockets as it makes it easier to find things and keep your phone separated from your keys.  This bag also came with another strap so as you could make it into a cross body bag but I much prefer just using the smaller handles.

So there you have it; my favourite bag!  I really think if you looking for something a little different as a present for someone (or for yourself!) then you should take a little look at their website.

Have you heard of Vendula London?  If you have what do you have any of their products and if you haven’t what do you think of them?

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